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  Water Wonder
Water Wonder Benelux BV was founded in 1995 with a mission to develop, produce and supply high-grade potable water equipment. We manufacture water appliances of the highest quality under the brand name Water Fresh. These appliances are now produced in our state of art manufacturing facility in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


Water Fresh: appliance or cooler?
At Water Wonder we do not just talk about 'water appliances', but a concept. Water isn’t just cooled but is also filtered and carbonated. Our new generation water appliances are equipped with the most modern microfiltration technology, assuring you of not just cool but also safe and fresh drinking water.

Innovative product. No UV light!
Over time, UV light’s strength diminishes and it also consumes more energy. While it sterilises the bacteria (so that they don't reproduce), they still remain present in the water. Microfiltration, in combination with activated carbon provides optimally fresh and safe water while retaining the necessary salts and compounds. In this respect, Water Fresh is way ahead of its time. Furthermore, our service personnel will inspect your Water Fresh twice a year and replace the filters as and when requried so that you are assured of quality of drinking water at all times.

We also keep the environment in mind: the UV light uses power and its intensity diminishes gradually.

Water Wonder was the first Dutch company to introduce the UV technology in 1999 in its first generation of water coolers. Our focus on R&D and new product development ensures that our new generation of appliances are way ahead of time, again.

The use of innovative microfiltration makes the UV redundant and ensures that all bacteria are removed.


Water management & environment
The conscious and responsible use of water goes hand in hand with providing insight into optimal water usage. Water Wonder advises you on the choice of applicance that meets your requirement. It also keeps in mind the possibility of growth in the future. With the help our the IVA concept, we can simulate the workplace situation and based on the FTE in your organisation, we jointly arrive at the most appropriate solution for you.


In addition to a range of Water Fresh appliances for standard use and small workplaces, we also build customised machines based on a customer's unique needs, if any. WIth our technology and design capabilities, we can trnaslate  your needs into altogether new products as well.

Water Wonder’s advantages!
Saves you the work of lifting cases and bottles and does away the need for addtional storage space for stocking these.

Transportation by road adds to your costs and adversely impacts the environment. Further on, recycling the bottles further adds to costs. 

Optimal water usage
Appropriate dosing enusres the optimal usage and reduces wasteage. The recommended amount of water per day per person is about 2 litres. You can figure out how much money Water Fresh can save!

Corporate Social Responsibility
Water Fresh helps reduce the adverse impact on the environment because of emissions from from vehicles used for transportation of bottled water. It coaches on the optimal usage of water, consumes lesser energy and also helps indirectly in reducing the release of toxic substances into the environment by the central cleaning in the bottle factory.

Water Fresh Formula©
Water Fresh logo Years of research has led to balanced filtering which, in combination with a dosed use of activated carbon, tuned to capacity flow as a supplement to conventional filtration, gives a specific soft nature to the water..

Based on this filtering innovation we developed a 'green concept' for the horeca and catering branche. The movie belows shows a brief impression of one of our new concepts.

Appliances are designed and developed keeping in mind the specific needs of a customer.

Ultra Filtration ready
While micro filters are used presently, our machines are compatible with Ultra filtration as well. Apart from bacteria, Ultrafiltration helps remove viruses as well.

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